joi, 15 ianuarie 2015

Sanctions and Russia

"The sanctions imposed on Russia after the annexation of Crimea and aggression on Eastern Ukraine have proven to be effective, concludes the latest  report published by the Polish Institute of International Affairs (PISM). The publication Sanctions and Russia reiterates that the sanctions—alongside other factors, such as declining gas prices—have resulted in a drastic drop in Russian foreign exchange reserves and serious problems for the Russian economy. Russia’s response, i.e. its embargo on European (including Polish) food, has also exerted a negative impact on the country. In the short term, the sanctions are enhancing Vladimir Putin’s power, but in the long term they are undermining the Russian state, hence the need to uphold them until Moscow changes its aggressive policy and starts acting in accordance with international law." read more here

luni, 29 decembrie 2014

Reforms Wanted: A To-Do List for a Future Moldovan Government

"Pro-European parties secured a fragile majority during the November parliamentary elections in Moldova. Since it is usually the first half of the election cycle in which there is sufficient political willingness to push through painful reforms, 2015 will be an important year for Moldova. In the face of security challenges from the east, and an unprecedented window of opportunity for support from the west, the sole chance for the new coalition government to live up to its commitments is to speed up and deepen reforms in six key areas: civilian security, energy, banking, corruption and the judiciary, public administration, and media. The progress in these sectors will be critical for the overall success of Moldova’s European integration, for enhancement of the state’s resilience in the face of pressure from Russia, and also for winning back public trust. Meanwhile, the EU should reshape its toolkit of assistance and maintain its political and diplomatic support regardless of developments in the region." full text 

vineri, 18 iulie 2014

Bumps on Russia’s Road to the Eurasian Economic Union

"Eurasian integration has been formally elevated to a new level. On 29 May, Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan signed in Astana the founding treaty of the Eurasian Economic Union. However, problems related to integration, enlargement and international cooperation with the EEU indicate the effort is far from a point of no return. Despite the upbeat mood in Moscow, integration remains weak and selective, and in several important fields has been shelved until 2025. At the same time, the enlargement process has encountered security-related obstacles and triggered additional costs for Russia." citeste in continuare aici

marți, 20 mai 2014

The Crimean Annexation: What it Means for Moldova?

"As the crisis in Ukraine continues to unfold, its neighbour and trading partner Moldova is left fearing the economic and political consequences." continua aici

duminică, 23 februarie 2014

Despre criza din Ucraina la cald. Sau ce se intampla atunci cand clipesti primul

"Atunci cand anticipam, in ajunul summit-ului de la Vilnius, un scenariu pesimist in Ucraina, nu imi imaginam ca protestele vor escalada in confruntari violente, soldate cu cel putin 82 de morti si peste 600 de raniti. Aparent, faza calda a luat sfarsit cel putin la Kiev. Ianukovici si ministrii guvernului interimar sunt de negasit. Prin resedinta prezidentiala din Mejgorie se plimba nestingheriti reprezentantii mass-media si populatia. Reporterii de investigatie aflati la fata locului cu grija aduna probe care confirma implicarea presedintelui in persecutarea jurnalistilor si acte de coruptie. Desi cartierul guvernamental din Kiev este protejat actualmente de catre fortele de auto-apararea formate din protestatari, iar in Rada opozitia preia fraiele puterii, situatia ridica mai multe semne de intrebare vizavi de viitorul Ucrainei. In cele ce urmeaza voi incerca sa prezint la cald cateva ganduri razlete referitoare la situatia interna din Ucraina, dar si felul in care criza de la Kiev influenteaza vecinatatea." citeste tot articolul 

luni, 17 februarie 2014

Keep the eyes wide open: EU in Moldova

"Sunt câteva pericole asupra cărora atenția europenilor trebuie concentrată în 2014 şi de care depinde semnarea și ratificarea Acordului de Asociere cu UE: (1) supraviețuirea actualei coaliții pro-europene până la alegerile parlamentare din noiembrie 2014, (2) provocările legate de implementarea eficientă a reformei în domeniul justiției și rezultate în lupta anticorupție, (3) provocările din Transnistria și Găgăuzia și (4) presiunile de la Moscova." policy brief poate fi citit integral aici.

marți, 28 ianuarie 2014

can Moldova stay on the road to Europe?

am scris pt ecfr un policy memo pe MD. mai intai fac un audit, ce a realizat coalitia de guvernare si ce nu a reusit sa faca. apoi trec in revista amenintari de natura interna si externa care ar putea bloca parcursul european. in final fac o serie de recomandari pt UE.